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Hey guys, this is Panda_epic101 here and welcome to my patreon page, I am a video game streamer and I am pushing my name out there in the gaming community and would love to continue doing what I love, they say that the “Grind don’t stop” well I’m grinding extra hard to put out the best content as much as I can and any little donations will do cause I would love to design logos, make t- shirts and quite possibly build an awesome theme. Your donation will be for a good cause and i promise you guys you won’t regret it. To get at me or follow my social media accounts is below thank you and have a blessed day. 🤓🤓🤓

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I am currently working towards some awesome turtle beach headphones so you guys can hear me better and possibly getting my gaming laptop top fix so I can stream way better. Like I said any donations help. Thank you
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