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About Pans and Perspective

Pans and Perspective is a food blog with a mission to "provide new perspectives on food".  We joined patreon to develop freedom in writing and also the ability to create new, exciting content that aligns with our food philosophy. We write about food news, the concept and specificity of food philosophy, reviews - books, products and dining experiences - create recipes, holds lectures and capture these elegant moments intertwined with food as pictures and videos. Patreon is the primary tool that makes this production possible, so if you enjoy the content, this is the place to join a Community of Conscious Consumers (C3’s), like yourself.
Your contributions go directly to help offset the cost of website maintenance, along with providing access to exclusive dining opportunities, networking to other C3’s, chances to start discussions, have comments highlighted and participate in AMA’s sessions.
Pans and Perspective doesn’t have a paid staff, although our sights are set on explosive growth.  Our sole employee is Nathan J. Buckley, a passionate chef and avid writer. He is currently the editor and a contributor at Pans and Perspective.  Our size and reach are completely dependent on you; check out the content to get an idea of what is already possible with a limited budget. Thank you for checking out our Patreon and we hope you’ll consider becoming part of a Community of Conscious Consumers (C3’s)
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When we reach $500 per month we will start a weekly video series that will include interviews and discussions with our patrons!
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