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About PaperAcrobat

Welcome Friends!
You have stumbled upon my Patreon! Please read the description to inform yourself why you are here.

"Who are you...?"

Hi. My name is Paul and I create comics/drawings on my Tumblr.
Here's the link:
Anyways, I am young dude with a passion for drawing and making people laugh. Also I enjoy just drawing and creating funny pics in my free time just to get people a good chuckle at it.  

"Why should I support you..?"
 I am trying to earn enough money to buy some brand new drawing equipment so I can create some better content. I literally draw with a little pad.  Also did you know that if you support me you get a free puppy? Nahhh, I'm just kidding. But if you do end up supporting me, mad thanks to you. And also PLZ SUPPORT ME.

"What's in it for me..?"
Well my good sir or mam (i'm not a sexist), you get access to Patreon-only stuff such as behind the scenes, screenshots of the the making of the comics and pics, and free art from me. And most of the money will be put forth to creating better content.  Also you are helping me get my dream goal of making people laugh. 

Thank You!
Thank you for taking your time to help me achieve my goal. Even if you don't support me, thanks for taking your time to consider doing it or just by reading this description. 

Also I would like to mention that if you had made a mistake pledging to me or if you have pledged the wrong amount, you will get your full refund back. Or I might just keep, who knows.

$0 of $50 per month
Hitting $50 dollars would be a miracle for me. I am trying to earn enough money to buy some brand you equipment for making better videos and comics in the near future. 
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