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About PaperDolls

Hey, We’re PaperDolls!
We’re four sisters who have been touring for 11 years and have done over 3,000 shows. While we love doing live performances, we want to be able to reach more people and share our love and joy of music worldwide; we plan on doing this through YouTube videos.
Patreon allows you, our incredible fans, to support us on a really personal level by becoming our patrons. This means that, by pledging even just $1. (Or more!), you are personally able to help us put out music videos every month! In general we won’t release more than 1 video a month, but if we get excited one month and post more than that, know that you can set a monthly maximum during the signup process so that you make sure you never go over your budget!
We have an amazing production team (i.e. a really big, artistically passionate family) that is working their hardest to put out the highest quality videos possible for YOU - all the money collected here will solely be used for the production of the music and videos.
Make sure to check out the awesome rewards below and THANK YOU so much for your continued love and support!
We love you! 
$762 of $1,000 per Music Video
Just like the title says, we will be able to release a new music video every single month.
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