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What is Paper Droids, you ask?

You could say Paper Droids is an online magazine that publishes daily articles on nerdy topics, but really, it’s a safe space for geeks of all kinds. We focus on representation and diversity, and provide a supportive community where women and non-binary people can write about the things they love.

There’s something for everyone. You’ll find the archives cover every aspect of geekdom—not just what’s current or trending. Our topics range from critical analysis and discussion of books, video games, movies, and comics to DIY tips, zombie apocalypse survival guides, and more.

You’ll find different opinions and topics on our site, and the editors go out of their way to showcase and celebrate the passions of the everyday geek-dome. 

But as talented as our writers are, they need your help. Paper Droids is free--and will always be free--so that everyone can enjoy it, but the Government of Canada doesn’t think they’re a magazine, so we can’t get any grants or funding.

Our writers work really hard to give us awesome articles for you to read, and we want to reward them. Our web site is currently run top to bottom by a dedicated group of volunteers, but your donations will help us keep the wheels turning by helping us pay for our domain server and the web site, and hopefully being able to reward our contributors for their hard work and dedication in the future!

Check out some of the cool articles our writers have written for you!

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Please donate to help us keep this site up and running. We want to provide and amazing, geeky space and by helping us, you’ll get our eternal gratitude…and some cool rewards too!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
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