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About Passive Restraint Productions

Welcome to the Passive Restraint Productions Patreon Page! I am your host/ producer/ editor, L.C. Kent!! We've got a lot of wonderful content for you, here - some of it is hosted in text-form at; most of it, you will find on our YouTube page! Our most populated series include: 

The most populated playlists include: 

That's right - we have made a LOT of videos and written a LOT of blogs, and we want to create EVEN MORE!! If you like what we've done so far and want to see more, please take a moment to become a patron! We'd love to have you and love to get to know you as you get to know us!! 

In the meantime, while you're deciding what level you'd like to support us at, please enjoy our free content with our blessing and check out the perks available for each tier! Again, thank you so much for choosing Passive Restraint Productions for your entertainment!!
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Our first round of Passive Restraint Productions swag will head out to our Patrons!! Five lucky winners' swag will include L.C. Kent's Autograph AND a video of the actual signing with a short, personalized thank you message!
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