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Those who support me within this ranking, will receive free mp3 and wav downloads of my covers, and original songs or albums before their release! You will also be able to have priority song requests, and receive information about all my upcoming activities. Lastly, you will receive a special supporter exclusive computer graphic that relates to each cover. Such as a wallpaper or similar.
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Those who support me within this ranking, will receive all of the above, as well as, will receive links to duet ready songs. Those within this ranking will also have the ability to make requests for duet ready songs, and send in questions for me to answer in Q&A videos. Also, they will have access to any behind the scenes videos and meet the staff exclusives.
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Those in this ranking will receive the above, as well as the ability to ask me to sing in any of their projects or to dedicate a song to somebody.




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Passion is a singer and songwriter that creates content on both Youtube and Twitch. From a very young age, she was drawn to music of all genres, it was then she started singing, and found that to be her passion. Originally, she was mostly interested in country and pop music, but her interests expanded to also include classical, edm, r&b, ambient, and symphonic metal.  Aside from music, she also was very interested in gaming, as she started gaming at the age of two. Originally she played various rpgs and fighting games on console, but now plays, and streams, mmorpgs, mobas, and shooters such as Overwatch. 

What differentiates Passion from some other singers and songwriters is that she craves to create music that is meaningful, relatable, and sometimes even necessary. She likes fantasy oriented settings, and generally likes to create dark, emotional, or dramatic stories. She also likes to mix various genres, and experiment with different sounds, in addition to this she sings in both a pop and classical timbre, and likes to use them both together, whenever possible. 
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Money to help me create more music, and reach more people! This will ensure that I receive musical distribution and more resources. 
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