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is creating Charms, Stickers, and buttons
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On this tier you'll gain access to my private discord server, and you're helping to support me go to conventions and festivals, and will gain a more behind the scenes look when I'm at conventions
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On this tier you'll get access to WIP shots and updates, and behind the scenes look at brainstorming new products, creating new pieces, and preparing for conventions
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On this tier you'll get 3 random 1.25" buttons sent to you every month, in addition to the rewards of the brainstormer tier



About Pastel Pixels

Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I'm the sole owner of Pastel Pixels.
     With Pastel Pixels I strive to create fun, entertaining pieces of art and fanart  to brighten up everybody's lives. Both in decorative forms such as stickers and buttons, as well as functional forms like t-shirts and bags. With your support I'm able to spend more time sketching and painting new products, researching new designs, and traveling to events to meet you guys and sell in person.
7% complete
When $70 is reached, I'll be ordering the equipment needed to produce holographic stickers
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