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You wanna see a pastor act like a fool in front of all his viewers in a video that will be saved for ever? If you subscribe I will dance like a fool to music on live stream and personally give you a shoutout! Who knows... maybe I'll even put on a ridiculous costume...
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Once a month I will set up a chat with these subscribers where they can interview me about anything they please. Questions are not limited to any one topic and I will do my best to answer everything that I can (as long as questions are not horribly inappropriate). This will happen on the first Saturday of the month (also includes above rewards).
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This reward is a personal favorite. I will interview you to get an idea about who you are and some cool stuff that you have done. Then I will use that information to write a rap about you and I will perform it LIVE ON STREAM!!! That's right!!! If you can not tune in to the session that I am supposed to perform your rap, let me know and I will move it to a time where you can view! (also includes above rewards)




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About Pastor Joey

My name is Joey Simon and I am apart of GodSquad Gaming as the WORLD’S Second Gaming Pastor. There are 1.2 billion gamers in the world that play a combined total of 30 billion hours of games a week. We can all agree that everyone needs the gospel but how can we possibly reach people who do not want to leave the comfort of their home? That is why we need GodSquad Gaming. GodSquad Gaming is all about bringing the Gospel to those that would not normally come to us. We accomplish this by doing a live stream through We stream ourselves playing a game and sharing the gospel. Just about every time we stream we give a sermon and an “altar call” about halfway through.
In the past year GodSquad Gaming has seen over 130 gamers come to Christ! We have also seen people returning to continually receive the Gospel and ask us questions about God. We have even had the privilege to plug people into physical churches near them and have even seen a couple baptized. I personally have had the honor of praying for several real needs through the stream including one guy who joined my stream because he saw I was a pastor and he wanted prayer because his father had died that day.
God is pouring out blessing after blessing on GodSquad Gaming. In December we are becoming recognized and supported by the Assemblies of God. We are also getting ready to launch the World’s First Gamer Church in early 2016! This is a super exciting time for us because we are growing faster than we could have possibly imagined. This is a good problem to have but we now need your support. We want to be able to be pastors to these gamers and that requires time and money. We need your prayers and your support. I would also love to come and share with you in person about what we are doing at GodSquad Gaming.
This is an industry that is constantly improving, updating and coming out with new things. It requires being in the know, and staying current on what is popular. It requires the help from friends like you!
This ministry requires constant prayer; even for the simple things like the internet working properly! It also requires financial support. If you or your church would consider jumping on board, there are multiple ways to give financially. There are one time donations for equipment and there are also monthly pledges that can be made right online. Please let me know what you are interested in doing.
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