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is creating Male Privilege and Rape Culture

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We are the fucking Patriarchy. We create misogyny, including Rape Culture! Unfortunately, you may also know me better as a direct and sustained target of internet harassment by feminism.

I got into patriarchy to make all men superior - but right now the majority of my workweek is wasted on fending off BS from people harassing me so you should give me more money for that. 

Later that day, I have a feminist that posts disturbing levels of information about my culture, my privilege, my female oppression and male power. So, I waste hours documenting this for feminists. Later, feminists email me to say they have blogged about me and are bashing me.

None of this has anything to do with the patriarchy. But it's what I waste the majority of my time doing.

I have to be honest, I need some help or I'm not going to last. If I quit, that would signal a victory to those feminists harassing me. If you want me here, working to hold the woman back, I need help. I have got to get back to oppressing woman.

Here's where you come in: If you appreciate what I do, please chip in so I can hire some help with the Women Oppression advocacy I do. I need someone to help me with the medial parts of dealing with my attackers so I can focus on my work, oppressing woman and maintaining rape culture. I imagine we'll also have them work on oppressing women.
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