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Considering almost everything I do is shared openly, & that there's no need to become a patron to read my blog, I offer this.

It is not small, or meaningless, I promise. Also, I will post status updates much like on Facebook, but strictly for you, because not everyone on my FB friends list will get it all the time.



About Patrick Riley

Hiraeth is not a place, but rather an idea. A Welsh word with no literal English translation, it means a certain mournful longing for something, someone, or somewhere past; A desire to go back to that part of our lives and the sadness we feel when we cannot. We often find a wee bit of wistful comfort in that sensation, but like regret, to indulge in it too much can be unhealthy for our movement forward and peace in the present.

Thanks for clicking over. It's a long road, and I enjoy the company. Next time, though, bring cake.
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Basic bills and living expenses beyond rent, electricity, and food. What a wonderfully powerful place to be.
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