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About Patch Zircher

First, thank you for coming here.
My name is Patrick Zircher, or Patch, and I make comics. Currently, I'm drawing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman in a comic called Trinity. And before that I worked on Action Comics, Suicide Squad, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Deadpool, and many others. I also contributed to the Eisner-winning anthology Love is Love. It's been an exciting career.

So why Patreon? I love comics, all kinds of comics, and talking about the process of making them. That's something Patreon is wonderfully suited for. But more, I have, for years, wanted to create another kind of story as well. The story I promised my daughter when she was 12. A story of heart, humor, and fantastic adventure. The kind of story a fan of Harry Potter or Studio Ghibli might love.

Which brings us to Mavan's Voyage. Mavan is an adventurer-in-the-making. And like classic adventurers she has a special destiny, amazing friends, and terrible enemies. She's a teenager living in a far future of vast deserts and sweeping oceans, where lost technology bears little difference from magic, where animals talk, and the earth holds many mysteries.
I will be sharing Mavan's adventures in comic form, including production sketches, notes, doodles, and general thoughts on the project. I'll post the comic panels, well, whenever I can, with the panels collected as a full page from time to time-- so no patron misses anything.

Again, welcome to Mavan's Voyage. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it and sharing it with you.
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Mavan's Voyage will begin as a black & white comic but, as we grow, if we reach this goal, I will bring in one of my professional colorist friends to render the series in color.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts