Paul Luftenegger

is creating Conscious Positive Music To Help The World



About Paul Luftenegger

On March 6th, 2011 my father (who was 56 years old) sadly took his own life.  Suicide.  I was lost.  I was scared.  I was at the lowest point of my life.  That morning I prayed to God and had an experience with the divine that changed my life forever.  Soon after, I began writing conscious music as asked to do by the divine.  

Fast forwarding to today, I have met fans who I like to call friends from all around the world.  I have been invited to share my music at two (2) United Nations events in New York City. Worked with Many New York Times Best Selling Authors, Famous Doctors (Both Phd's as well as MD's).  I have been invited to world missions with huge charities by fans and philanthropists.  I have been invited to perform my couscous music all over Europe, Canada, the USA and  I have friends who are fans from pretty much every corner of the globe.  I have gratefully received literally 10's of Thousands of messages and "thank you" notes from WONDERFUL WONDERFUL people all around the world who have shared that my conscious kind loving music has helped them heal spaces within their hearts and souls that have transformed their lives in many amazing miraculous ways which always makes me usually cry like a baby! LOL  

My promise to myself and to you my new or old fan and friend, is to always take responsibility for the energy I put out into the world as a global citizen of planet earth.  I will always do my best to continue making this world more conscious and I deeply feel and believe that the greatest gift we have is our own heart and our own soul and uniting that beauty and miracle of life with divine love of God and the Universe is what life is truly all about! 

I deeply feel we must all become our own guru for self because in the end, we are the captain and master of our own fait with the divine Co+Creative space with God's AMAZING Grace.  The new spirituality for me is the truth and taking responsibility for the energy we put out into the world in everything we do.  My goal is to share my work and inspirations with you my beautiful brothers and sisters.  Together with our love I deeply feel we all thrive and win for with love and kindness we all become the highest and best version of ourself which takes our whole self.

I make no claim to be perfect whatsoever.  I mess up all the time.... but I do claim to be a student and a teacher with God's AMAZING grace as my highest and best self and making kind conscious music and good vibrations is my mission on earth and an answer to God's request of my heart and soul and if this resonates please come and join me and let's expand and amplify some love and light together.  I am a musical medium, clairaudient, and mystic and if this resonates please visit my website to learn more about my journey since 2011.

With all the love and kindness in my heart, soul, and spirit, "thank you" for taking time to share and care and be human together.  I wish you every single dream of love you have in your precious heart and soul and may God bless your dreams to come true!

Sincerely, in gratitude and grace,
Paul Luftenegger