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About Paul Stefko

My name's Paul Stefko, and I make games. Mostly, I design tabletop roleplaying games, although I am interested in board games, card games...everything! I run a blog called One Yard Hex, where I post about games, I occasionally stream on Twitch, and I make videos about tabletop gaming on YouTube. I also publish games through my imprint, Nothing Ventured Games.

For 2019, I'm going to be focusing on a major game project:
Return True is an investigative roleplaying game set in a future where truth is a luxury. Your characters are journalists, activists, anyone fed up with the lies that support those in charge.

In the future, augmented reality and sophisticated digital filters mean that the powerful can edit what you see and hear in real time. Words, ideas, even whole people can be banned. Blocked. Erased.

Truth is threatened, and you have to defend it.

This Patreon will be a live development process that can only happen with your help. For your support, you'll get...

  • Exclusive access to in-progress manuscripts.
  • Video design journals on my process and inspirations.
  • Quick-start materials when the game is ready for open playtest.

When Return True is finished, I plan to make it available to anyone who wants it—in multiple formats, including PDF, interactive HTML, and ebook. I will likely also make a Print-on-Demand option for those who would like the game in hardcopy.

Wherever possible, I want the finished version to be available free of charge. Your support on Patreon can go a long way to making that goal financially viable.

Thank you for your support!
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