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About Peaches and Crime

Be transported back to a bygone era by the vaudeville stylings of Peaches and Crime!

The Peaches and Crime experience begins with original swing, blues, jazz and folk music by top talents who evoke the style of the 20s, 30s, and 40s with a modern sensibility. Add to that mix comic actors and a master of ceremonies, all at the top of their game. From burlesque dances to murder mystery dinners, Peaches and Crime will charm the pants off of any audience; after all, that's where they keep their wallets.

Comedy and mystery! Tragedy and humor! Murder and merriment and so much more!
Your support will help us release more albums, produce more videos, and play in new locations!

Already a Peaches and Crime fan? We appreciate your support so much! We could never have made it this far without you, and will continue to provide the best in Peaches-and-Crimery to all. Thank you all for taking this next step in our journey with us! 

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