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About PeachJuice!

as you may know, I'm an animator that is studying to become an animation student in college! I love telling stories and I'm happy to share them! I will be making both webcomics AND animated shorts!
Thank you so very much for liking my work! It means so much to me!!! : D I wish I could express how much it means to me to have fans! THANK YOU!
Thanks for visiting! I would super appreciate if any of you who are reading this would decide to support me! I never really put much thought into raising funds, that is before my main source of support pulled out the rug from under me... so now I have no funds for college anymore!  I'm asking that you would help me, in return I will happily provide sneak peeks and content that you would never see on any of my accounts elsewhere! Animation wips! And viewings of big projects in the works!
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HEY! if I manage to get $350 a month or more I can officially cut my work hours so I can work on my creations even more! this means that I can produce more high-quality content faster!
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