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I see you too, are lost
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Welcome to the edge of confusion. For just 100 pennies a month you get access to whatever random sketch I'm working on, including my semi-daily sketches and warm ups. You get to see some of my best (and worst) ideas in their beginning stages and a few in their finished stages, not to mention links to my comics (please subscribe!). Honestly, I'm too generous
Real men don't need directions
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You've somehow come to the conclusion that you must donate 500 copper coins to my monthly coffers. I applaud your sense of misdirection. In this tier you will have access to anything I've mentioned that's than this tier plus access to all finished sketches (like, inked and colored). Not only that I will describe my thought processes under anything new I try, as I am still learning as an artist as well. This tier is perfect for aspiring artists who are looking for new inspirations.
There's no turning back.
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Thank you for your misguided patronage. At this tier level not only will you get all the cheaper stuff, but you are free to email me a photo and i will draw you as best and as hilariously I can, I may even put you in a comic strip. Please allow some time for this.




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About Peanutbutter the Artist

First of all, thank you for becoming lost enough to find your way here. No! Don't leave yet. I create art here. Different types of art. The one thing I love most about drawing is experimentation, and this, my friends, is a page of discovery. I will be posting art here regularly, anything from fanfiction, to comic spreads to even fullblown comic and strips. Everything promises to be something new and each month I'm going to try a new style of artistry. I appreciate you getting lost on this journey with me.

Also check out my comic strip.Hoodie: Life 101, a random composite of my everyday struggles.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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