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About Peixoto 21

Hello, you can call me Peixoto21! I'm a 3D artist creating anime characters to be used in animation or games!

What are my works?

My goal is to create models that are the closest possible to the original source, it being an anime or cartoon character.

All my models are not only made for show but fully rigged to be used by animators. These models will mostly show up at Steam Sourcefilmmaker workshop but sometimes also there will be a Fbx version in my Sketchfab page!

 Do you do customs models?

Yes and right now comissions are open! I can surely create any cartoon or anime character that you need:

$70-$80* - Simple models or low poly models.

$90-$100* - Models with complex structures but few bodygroups.

$120 or more - Models with complex structures but with more bodygroups.

*prices can vary being less than whats showing.

You can contact me by:
-Direct mensage in patreon .
- Add me in discord (find me as Peixoto21#3918).
- Add me in Steam.
-Direct mensage me in Twitter (link below).

Follow me at:
- Twitter 
And you can watch my streams at

Thank you for your time!

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