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A Patreon page is not something I had considered doing for myself until a number of viewers asked about it in comments on my channel.  A gentleman does not decline a request from other gentlemen or ladies, so here we are.

My goal is to continue entertaining viewers and to maintain a channel that already fosters a friendly and knowledgeable community of fans.

Your support will go toward equipment and software upgrades (over time) and the purchase of new games to play.  Additionally, larger amounts of support will allow me to carve out additional time to create and process videos and organize livestreams.

Please understand your contributions are not charity.  I have the luxury of full-time employment and adequate compensation to take care of myself and my family.  My conscience won't allow me to take your money without first encouraging you to consider donating your money to more worthy causes.  Accordingly, I'm providing a link to the Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) donation page.  

Of course the choice is yours, and I appreciate your support.  But I cannot claim to need it.  Act as your heart bids you!  Salúd.
$2.45 of $20 per month
20 is a nice round number, and a modest one, I think.  At $20, I'll ponder to myself "Goodness, people really want to give me money to do this?"  

I'll also allow a vote on the next game I LP.  Only Patreon contributors will be able to vote on the outcome!
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