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Hi, My name is Caleb, and over the past few months me and and a few of my friends are trying to open up a Food Truck. I have the trailer for it and some equipment but I need more to help get it off the ground. I’m working on finding a new job to help myself out money wise. Paying for the trailer isn’t the big issue more the equipment I need to make this how we want it. Fresh food made out on the town. I’m very dedicated towards this idea. I love cooking, it’s something I really enjoy and want to make a living doing it. I’m young now, I’m a senior in high school but this time during my last year is also to help me prepare for my greater goal. I want to make Good, Quality food that people will enjoy. I someday hope to open up a nice restaurant, a place that anyone and everyone can come and have a good meal theyll enjoy. I be been very determined especially with the upgrades to the trailer and the new equipment but it’s not enough. I’m asking for help so that I can start this business the right way so we can make Good food you’ll enjoy. Thanks you to anyone who helps me achieve this goal cause it’s something I’m very passionate about and I’d love to make this happen! It’ll be a while until we can open up but it’ll be worth the wait.
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