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What's worrying you? Worry not. Let it out. I'm listening. I'll share yours and others' worries (anonymously, of course) in order to help you put your worries into perspective. I will guardian the creation of this unique contextually relevant community that relies on its anonymous others for mutual support.  
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A trouble shared is a trouble halved; what's troubling you? I'll share yours and others' troubles – and others' Tier 1 worries – (anonymously, of course) in order to put your troubles into perspective.
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Want to get that secret off your chest? I'm here.




What have you gone and done?
Stop it. Stop. Stop it! Wait. D'you think doing the same thing over and over and over again is going to change anything; is going to change your life; is going to make life – make you/me – a better, a happier person? You know she died; she's buried; she's gone. You know she/he/they weren't the only ones; there'll be more, my Love; sooner than you can imagine. Life catches up so quickly; the time you have is limited: it is absolutely finite. You next, Dearest; or me? Yes, there but for the grace of un/happy accident go we – but don't fear, my Darling. Don't worry. I'm here. We'll do this together. You and I. To the end.
Take good care, my Love. Until tomorrow.
Your Perdita x

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