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First of all let me express my gratitude to everyone who has made this dream possible. To my family and loved ones, to those who appreciate and support the work, to my galleries, to my collectors, and to my patrons, Thank You!

This site is dedicated to including you in the inner workings of this dream and offering you unique opportunities and access to the work; Behind the Scenes photos and videos, First access, Sneak-Peaks, and our Incremental Payment System.

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My father engendered a deep reverence for the natural world; a joy in being witness to it tempered by serious concern for its well-being. 

I now tell stories as well, though with few words, the images of birds, skinks, rabbits and slugs, my vocabulary. I see living things as highly refined. Honed over eons, the experience and genetics of thousands of generations bringing them into sharp focus. Each organism’s life needs, met or achievable with its body alone. The result is a tangible and exquisite beauty. My reverence for and use of living forms is designed to connect with aspects of ourselves. They relate to those elements of human nature and experience which we still share with the natural world; those questions and experiences we hold in common, among them: love, raising of young, excitement, exuberance, fondness, struggle, death, longing…the unknown.
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