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About Tristan Noel

(See our work on Instagram! We're over at @perpetuityphoto!)

I am Tristan Noel, a photographer, producer, and content creator. I've been creating quality images for many years, and with my recent turn towards the Cosplay community, I've come to find a community that is more welcoming, more loving, and more friendly than any other that I've set foot in, bar none.

WHAT I AM AFTER: My ultimate goal is to turn this into a full time job. To spend my time, as much of it as I can, creating, editing, and producing quality shots and work for cosplayers at as many conventions as possible. To help cosplayers display the best of their work, and to display quality headshots, and to use those images however they see fit, without having to worry about the substantial cost of such assignments pushing great artists away from wanting to get shots done. 

WHY THIS: The paradigm of a photographer's work, which is typically charged by the hour for both the shoot and edits, to say nothing of image licensing, is a strange sort of minefield that many honestly have no interest in navigating. Between the hourly rate, deposits, fees, licensing costs, and all that, it's just not something I've been able to make work in a financially productive way(Oversaturation being a large part of that), and it's not something I've been able to reconcile with myself in terms of the personal acceptability aspect of it. Perhaps it's my disdain for salesmanship, or my innate trouble with valuation versus cost, but that's where I am on it at the moment. 

Ultimately, it comes down to wanting to do a service to as many cosplayers as I can. To show their work in the best light, to bring out their best, to create images they can be proud of, and to ensure that they can receive this service without the looming Sword of Damocles that comes in the form of high individual costs, restrictive contracts, and all that endless paperwork. Spreading that time to as many cosplayers as I can in the context of a convention, to say nothing of the editing process, allows me to bring that service to more and more people, as well as to keep it consistently in the best quality that I can.

I want to create for people. But my own costs are of course high(As they are for us all). And that's why I'm here.
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Fulfilling this goal will help to reduce my reliance on a broken disability claims system that may take Years to reach fulfillment, and will allow me to 100% make the move happen to Seattle, which will in turn result in a FAR greater output in terms of great content for everyone here. More to the point, it will do wonders for my mental health and wellbeing, as it will get me far, Far away from someone who emotionally manipulated, abused, and generally mistreated me for the better part of a decade.
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