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I'm a businessman, who has traveled around and done business in Asia, Europe, and all the Americas.  I have also done business in Australasia and Africa, but have not traveled there.  When on business I always allocate time to enjoy the local surroundings, meet new people, embrace different cultures, and try as much food as I can.  I believe learning and sharing experiences are essential to life, so I encourage all that travel for business to carve out time for non-business activities.  On my Patreon page I plan to share my past, current, and future business and life experiences, and will open up myself to answer any questions you may have.  If I can share, inspire, educate, even learn from you, I will be happy.  Business, of all kinds.  Food, street food, Michelin star, unfamiliar food, food.  I live to create, eat, explore, engage, entertain, and share.