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By pledging $1 per publication, you will get:

  • Access to my D&D themed doodles and sketches including work-in-progress posts and other stuff I sometimes do for fun!
  • Access to the low-resolution packs of all the published artwork! 
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If you pledge $5 per DLC pack, you will get

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  • Access to my D&D themed doodles and sketches including work-in-progress posts!



About PfenixArtwork

Hail and well met, fair adventurer!

I'm Pfenix Artowrk and recently, I've joined the moderator team over on r/dndbehindthescreen. I haven't been there super long but we've started working on community projects that we can compile into publishable documents. These projects have been an exciting undertaking, because we have a massive userbase that is full of incredibly creative people, but they also take a lot of time and effort to organize.

Something we'd really like to do is add custom artwork to each of these projects. While there's a lot of really great artwork available on the internet, finding art of the right quality and style that is also available for use in publications (even free ones) is a lot of work too. So after talking with the mod team, I've decided to shift this page a bit and use it to help fund the creation of artwork specifically for these projects. 

This patreon page specifically funds per publication and we should average one publication every other month or every few months, but we may be slow one month and faster the next. Remember you can always place a pledge cap so that you aren't charged more than what you can afford! 
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Just a starting point! Having 5 patrons means I'll be doing custom cover artwork for each of the BTS publications! 
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