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About Phantom Mentor

Phantom Vision TV is an online digital content creation team. We are working to bring several different types of content to the people.  Stuff that we hope you'll really enjoy. And we're also very interested in the prospect that great content can be made anywhere.

Current Projects:

The political landscape is a mess, so we thought we'd bring some fun to it. We  completed the first Episode of Crossspin: The Caravan very recently and we would like to do more with your help!

Morning Thoughts with Lamar Champion
Lamar is just a regular guy that sometimes needs to let people know what he's thinking. Sometimes his thoughts are life-changing. Sometimes they just make you go hmmm. When Lamar agreed to do his Morning Thoughts, we didn't know what to expect. It wasn't Earth-shattering, but it did make us go hmmm. Please check it out here Morning Thoughts with Lamar Champion - Delivery.

CookMeet - CookMeet is a show about cooks. When we used to cook in BBQ competitions, we met some very interesting people from all over the country that traveled around slow cooking meats. That led to the idea of CookMeet. A show dedicated to meeting interesting cooks and chefs, both in their place of work and out on the competition circuit.

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