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Hello, everyone!

I'm Pharoah. I live in Florida and I am a freelance artist and a college student working on my Graphics Design degree. I love making art of deities, especially the Egyptian gods. Ever since I was a child they have been apart of my life and it is something I take great care and love in drawing them all. I also like drawing other characters from shows and other things so you'll see that too.

A little bit about my work:
 Here you can see my sketches and other various visual works on my tumblr(same name) as well as on my Patreon so people can see the progress I make throughout my journey at making my dream/love of this project come to life.

A little bit about my Patreon page:
My Patreon is for me to be able to keep creating my work at a reasonable pace. Art is a career that takes a lot of skill, time, patience, and good materials which are either expensive or hard to find and I am more than low on funds. My Patreon is a way for people to see my progress but also help me keep going through everyone's support to make my project happen. It gives me the boost to share all my work and it gives me the confidence to keep sharing it. Art is my world and my life. Without it I am not much. I am someone that loves to make visual stories and creations that express something to everyone. My Patreon will help me keep creating and getting myself out there through various outlets. Being a patron to me is more than someone that just gives me money. To me that is someone that genuinely loves and wants me to continue on my path and that kind of support is something I need and appreciate more than I could ever express in words. 

In the hopeful future I would love to start giving out rewards for my patrons the more that I get patrons to be able to do so. Remember that nothing is too small to show support for my work. Even a dollar a day or just a few cents helps a lot. Please consider showing support for my work so I can create work for everyone to enjoy.

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