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About Phil Ferguson

Phil Ferguson has been an investment advisor representative since 1996 and is the president of Polaris Financial Planning LLC.
Phil is also a long time activist in the secular movement. He has been on the board of The Secular Student Alliance and Atheist Alliance International. He also served as the treasurer for the Reason Rally 2016.
He is an active member of many of the national organizations and has helped start three local groups. Phil also gives talks to local groups and Large conventions. He has presented at TAM (The Amazing Meeting) and Skepticon – just to name a few!

In his podcast "The Phil Ferguson Show" Phil talks about Money, Politics and Religion. The three things you should not discuss in public. Investing Skeptically is a way of using data and the scientific method to find the best ways to invest.

This show is for educational purposes only. Nothing in this show should be considered personalized financial advice. At no time is a client / advisor relationship established or implied.  Please consult your financial advisor before taking action on any topics discussed.

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