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Hello, this is Philip
Thanks for visiting my site and viewing my work

This is how I talk and this is why
I trained with words from birth,
Born to and raised by, a conservative Christian minister,
I stayed 33 ⅓ years on That unpaid career track,
Played in the band,
Sang in the choir,
Carpentry for day job,
And my birthday is Christmas, so
who saw this Messiah Complex coming?

My first artistic medium was photography, then music,
writing, oratory, a performance poet, later the thespian,
woodworker, stagehand, roustabout, derelict,
sundry other titles, up till now - all analog

This is where I live and work now,
I’m on a boat - at sea level,
actually a small fleet of small boats,
presently six of various sizes, functions and intentions
This one, the primary domicile, ample, fully equipped,
three fixture head, full size kitchen, that’s a galley here,
food storage, cabin heat, the works, everything works

I’m safely self-contained at sea level, rising to the occasion

Over here, I have electronic appliances with keys
and so if something sounds like it was wrote down
it was probably wrote down
And if it sounds like I am quite pulling it out of my ass
It might have still have been wrote down

The following work is called:
Not Listening to the Voices 101 - the Musical

The mechanical maintenance and re creation of these vessels,
will have me, dusting off skills in the maker’s trades
making those skills marketable, should That be useful
Make contact with proposals and suggestions for any and all
These pages will be the vehicle for all of these workings

There will be ways to support and subscribe to the writings
There will be ways to engage with the mechanical trades
And sundry three dimensional spiritual metaphors
For instance, the vessels themselves will become installations
Delving toward interpretive expression
The character voices will define a small tribe of life

I wish to engage with your society and commit commerce.
Engage with me as I engage in your ways.
Thank you.
Welcome aboard

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