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Hey, Ladies and Gentle Men!
My Name is Philmore Vybez and I’m  Working on all my Goals & Dreams in Life. With your Support I can Succeed! Please Help Me and donate! Every $1 Helps
$0 of $500 per month
My goal is to reach $500 by my birthday. (May 18th)
I'm trying to Start a Show on Instagram Called (15 minutes
with Philmore!) I'm trying to raise money to get a laptop and camcorder so I can finally reach that goal! I also need funding so I can afford any other things I may need. I'm also go to do DIY tutorial videos for  cooking, baking and Art. Im Currently writing a motivational advice giving book on daily life has well.
Im also a song writer and a upcoming Artist in the making. Please Support me and my Dreams.(Music, Art, Dancing, Acting and Etc.) 
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