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Hello, and thanks for your time and investment!

Philomath is a multi-platform, non-profit education project, aimed at addressing big subjects and important concepts with a combination of sciences, humanities, arts and most importantly - all of your knowledge. Everyone here at Philomath loves the joy of learning, but why have all the fun ourselves? YOU could be the next contributor to this project. That's because we're not interested in lecturing you all the time, when we know that you're just as creative, intelligent and enthusiastic about education as we are.

This page will be updated when us guys at Philomath HQ have an idea for a piece of content. By donating your chosen monthly amount, you will be able to contribute to the creation of that month's work - research, design, advice; whatever it is you think you can bring to the table, you'll be able to work with me and the rest of our core members on bringing that idea to life.

Over time, we aim to have a blossoming community of like-minded individuals all contributing to monthly projects across a range of subjects and styles. Once we reach patron milestones, we will select certain individuals who have impressed us with their contributions, and add them into the private Philomath Facebook group, from which point you'll be considered a core Philomath creator, and won't be required to be a patron to contribute to content.

How are we non-profit? Patrons' donations will be used initially to cover the overheads of content creation, after which point any profit will be donated to educational charities - so as to spread the power of learning far beyond our content. So by becoming a patron, you're furthering your own education, and hundreds of others!

So, from me, and everyone else at Philomath - sincere thanks for all your support. We hope you join us on this journey, all the way to the summit of Mt. Knowledge.

Charlie Kempson
Philomath Founder 
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Once we reach 20 patrons, we will choose 2 of you who have particularly impressed us with your contributions to projects, and add you to the private Philomath Facebook group, where you'll be directly involved in all the projects which we produce - without donation.
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