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The fact of somebody giving me money (any amount!), for my work in putting Philosophise Now together is already awesome (literally). That is why I will be giving most rewards to this tier.

Money gathered this way will go to reading material, mostly books, comics, magazines related to Philosophy.

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For the hardcore supporters, the ones that want Philosophise Now to succeed, expand and take over the world.
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About Carlos Moreno Serrano

When I started Philosophise Now, I wanted to bring value and make Philosophy accessible and fun to everyone, which is why I make references to pop culture, with a view to inspire people to read Philosophy books, magazines and comics.

I regularly make a significant investment in Philosophy books, New Philosopher subscriptions and I would love to attend Philosophy-related events. Currently, all of this cost is coming from my own pocket, which is fine, because I do not do this to make profit. 

However, last night I was spending £90 in Philosophy books (mainly Slavoj Zizek's books) and I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, some of my readers would like to contribute a pound or two and maybe one of these 7 books I just bought could have been sponsored. I could then ask my patrons for which of the 7 books to read first and then write one or more articles about it.

So I decided to start my own patreon and see if there are any generous readers out there.

Any contribution is most welcome, large or small, and I give you my word that 100% of the money I receive through patreon will be spent on Philosophy-related material with a view to convert it into new exciting articles.

Thank you so very much for your patronage.

$1 of $100 per month
If I reach $100 I will hold a video hangout in Discord for my patrons where I will take questions and we can discuss future topics for new articles and talk about philosophy. 

You guys can decide the agenda.
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