is creating gaming videos, mixed with the occasional twist of music

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Hello there! The name's Photon, and my aim is to produce light-hearted, daily videos on YouTube, combined with the occasional livestream and music. I prefer to handcraft most of what I do, and am working hard to improve on the things I put out!

The reason for doing this is partially as a creative outlet; sound and visual design are quite natural to me, so trying to make stuff look/sound good is quite dear to my heart. What better way to use that outlet for the good, and try to make people have a moment of joy in their day? :D

Anyway, all the funds I raise with this will go back into the project! Some of my equipment is kinda lacking behind, so an upgrade on those wouldn't be bad at all. If you feel like what I'm doing is worth anything at all, and want me to be able to improve the content I publish faster than I could right now, be my guest! I'll see you guys in my videos hopefully, it's always nice to hang out with people ^~^
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Basically, my mic isn't necessarily the best thing in the world. It's kinda crummy, to be honest... Reaching this would allow me to buy a much better microphone, resulting in much clearer voice!
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