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Patreons who donate $1 get exclusive looks of images before I post them on DeviantArt! Including small mini comics that are up to 5 pages! (So if it's a 2 page mini comic, you see both pages)

Have your username or name in a Description on a DeviatArt image I post, or in a video I make, either in the beginning or end, on Youtube.

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Including in Normal, you also see one comic page ahead before I post on DeviantArt. 

Also get mentioned in  Descriptions of images I post on DeviantArt  and/or videos on YouTube for a week!

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You can see up to 3 pages ahead of comic pages before anyone else! (You see 3 pages ahead from DeviantArt. Example: DA has page 2 out, you see up to Page 5)

You can also receive a simple commission with a simple background or no background. 

Examples found here: http://fav.me/db8pbie

Be mentioned in future DA Images/YT Videos for a month!




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About Pikaturtle

I am Pikaturtle and welcome!
I'm a Graphic Artist and loves to draw, design, and create stories.
For my Commission Information: http://fav.me/db8pbie
For Sparkle's Adventure Comic: Click Here
The Lost Stars is a Patreon Exclusive, if it does well here, I will post on DA, but very rarely.
Here are the Ranks for this exclusive story, they are different for this story:
Normal Rank: Sees 1 Page (For USA $1)
Bronze Rank: Sees 2 Pages (For USA $5)
Silver Rank: Sees 4 Pages (For USA $10)
Gold Rank: Sees 6 Pages (For USA $15)
Diamond Rank: Sees 10 Pages (For USA $20)
I will post Chapters 4 and on for Sparkle's Adventure. If you wish to see the beginning, click the link besides Sparkle's Adventure. (I have over 200 pages and would take me a very long time to post every single page)
Youtube has none plan at this time, more details later when things are ready.
Thanks for reading, any questions you can ask here via Note: Click Here

$0 of $20 per month
I am still new with Goals and Patreon, but I can do a Patreon Request, where you guys can suggest a colored image for me to draw. (has to be related to my stories) Or I can do Top 10 image/video of something or I can answer questions.
If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear them. :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts