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About PineappleRav3n

Hi!! I'm PineappleRav3n and art is something I'm really passionate about! I'm interested in drawing, editing, and sculpting!

I know the majority of people that are unable to support me on Patreon but still want to get some of the rewards. This puts me in a difficult situation since I want to be able to please those people too. I will try my best to have some all-access rewards every now and then. I really do try my best to make people happy through my art! I hope I can do that for you!

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The pledge goes towards a larger contribution allowing for more artwork and the purchases of art supplies! I really appreciate the pledge you make no matter how big or small it is! Thank you so so much!!!!


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I spend a lot of time producing art even if it doesn't seem like it. I just want to produce more art for more people to see and feel good about it
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