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is creating Dance Cover videos, photoshoots & live performances
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Exclusive Pictures never seen before
per Youtube Video of new dance cover
You will get 3 exclusive pictures of the group never seen before, they are sexy and cute. They can be printed or sent to you email.
New Pink Paradise Merchandising
per Youtube Video of new dance cover
2 Pink P. merchandising Items + 1 Hanna Pretty unseen print. 2 objetos del nuevo merchandising de Pink Paradise + 1 print inédito de Hanna (nuestra reina sexy cosplay 2017).

-shipping overseas can be charge separately

-envío méxico 40mxn

Middle Tier
per Youtube Video of new dance cover
Te puedes llevar cosméticos, papeleria kawaii, peluches geek, artículos para hombre muy prácticos y boletos para nuestras rifas!



About Pink Paradise Dance Cover

Hello We are a group of dance cover, we use beautiful outfits, this make a difference between us and the rest of the dance groups of our city and most of the country. The problem is, these outfits are expensive.
The other thing that brought us here is: the situation in our home city is pretty bad for dancing, people is disrespecful and contest are so cheating, so, in order to have a space for dancing in which we can be safe as women and to spend a great time dancing, we have to travel, and this is expensive too.
We want to continue doing things we love, but we need more help as long as our group is growing.
7% complete
When we reach 50USD we will record a new video for Pink's YT channel and we'll took more pictures.
We will send special pictures and videos to everybody who has participated on reaching the goal :)
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