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What's UP Everyone? My Name Is Dre and I'm A Dating Advisor For My Members Who Identity As DSBFTM (Doms, Studs, Butch, FemaleToMale). I Love Cars 🚗 , Money 💰 , Traveling ✈  Cooking 🍔, and Last But Certainly Not Least, Women 👭 You're Like Me, Who Loves Helping Getting You Guys More Dates and Play. We Will Be Discussing Various Ways As Well As Maintaining A Healthy Relationship with Your Significant Other Too.  I'm Here To Support And Ask Any Popular Topics That Often Arise IN REAL CRAZY DATING SITUATIONS AND I Give Tips On Different Topics That Are Often Awkwardly Discovered In The LGBT Community. Subscribe Today For Only $5 A Month 4 Free Video Topics And You Can Submit Your Questions To Discuss WHATEVER You're Going Through. Hard Time In Bed Techniques? Is She Choosing You? Date Night Gone Bad? The Abundance Mindset and Yup, Even Baby Staddy Drama. Want More Women In Your Sex Life? Tough Time With The Approach Game? Subscribe Today and Stop The Wallflower Madness!

We respect all avenues and beauty of the LGBT community and rights. However, My focus will lie with the Dom, Stud, Butch, FTM Transgender Dating Scene. No Topic Will Be Off Limit.

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