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We support Pioneers.

Pioneers help to shape the way we see the world around us. They step beyond their comfort zone so that society can expand it's perspectives. Pioneers expand our horizons whether we ourselves choose to venture to those limits or not. By doing so, they have shown us a more beautiful, optimistic, open, and exciting world.

We are true beneficiaries of the tenaciousness and the bravery of those pioneers.

We help pioneers behind the scenes. We help them to develop their strategies for  communications support. Where possible we make the right connections for helping them raise funds and get access to equipment so that they can succeed.

Since 2015 we've helped pioneers in the exploration of the oceans, remote places on earth, and even asteroid detection in deep space.

While we might not be the visible part of an expedition, our work behind the scene is amazingly important because we help these daring pioneers stay safe, think through their strategies, get access to funding and the right resources.

Help us maintain our work.

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