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thank you so much for this, if you choose this option you will gain access to my discord and be able to join me anytime in game while i stream if you wish!
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i was not expecting this at all you already have gone above anything i have ever imagined thank you, you will get your name scroll along the top of my stream as well as have the chance to become a character in a game i will play on youtube!!
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this even being a small amount is still massive for me i could not thank you as much as i should even if i wanted to. at this Teir you can message you can add anything you want to the youtube banner as well as any previous rewards!!!




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Hello i am a small time you tuber and streamer and trying my best to become a game designer and would love if i got any help at all i am working part time and am also going through schooling so I'm having a hard time putting out too much content on youtube but i stream on twitch when i can and any traffic would help at the moment thank you for thinking about supporting me if you do and i hope you have a great day friends :D
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this is what i believe to be a good starting goal and would be a massive help if i can even get 25 aus dollars a month thank you so much for looking at this even if you don't pledge. i want to aim for this for streaming and youtube to become my job. With some game creation thrown in as well.
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