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Player Uno, pro wrestler & YouTuber, here! I've been creating YouTube content for a little over a year now, and been met with moderate success from it. I spend a great part of my day researching, filming, recording, writing and editing content.

On top of all of this, I happen to also juggle a day-job (the old 9-5), a pro wrestling persona and all of the consequences that come with both of these things. While I create these videos because I enjoy the interaction with others and love playing video games, YouTube does give me a small amount from ad revenue, but it obviously isn't enough to be considered a source of income. This is where Patreon comes in!

Creating content for YouTube is very much time consuming, and I can't seem to find any more hours in the day in my current predicament (and I've cut as much sleep as I can). I've toyed with the idea of bringing in scripted content, more pro wrestling content, as well as a more live streams & let's plays, but it just hasn't been fiscally possible, nor feasible time-wise.

The support from this community will allow me to free up more time to do this content and get better equipment to effectively film these (green screen, better cameras, better microphones, pop filters, etc). With these funds, I'll be able to explore new paths for the channel and provide even MORE content for you to watch! Plus, there are some neat little rewards for supporting down below!
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