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About Don Merrill

I've loved radio since I was a kid.  But I didn't know anything about public radio pledge drives until they jumped me one afternoon in Cincinnati.  Since then, I've been amazed that they work, but frustrated that public radio hasn't been able to come up with something better.  I'm not the only one.  Three years of research and writing tells me at least half of its 40-million listeners need them to die.  But they can't die because pledge drives are the beating heart of public radio.  So if they're not going anywhere, the least I can do is tell you; their sufferers, the details of what you're suffering through. 

PLEDGE: The Public Radio Fund Drive looks at exactly how they work and why.  It helps explain what public radio spends all of that money on.  It tells you why the people who hate it hate it so fiercely.  It details the joy and pain public radio faces when it decides to take money from government, business and foundations.  And it looks to a future where not only the pledge drive, but public radio itself may be totally different from what we know now.  Public radio needs not just listener engagement, but maybe, more listener oversight to be better protected.  Nothing else out there dissects the pledge drive like this for the ordinary listener like you.  You can get on the pre-order list for the book at the website,
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