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-Give me a word, I'll grow you a story: I will take a seed word, and produce for you something. A poem, maybe, or a magic item description, or a commercial.  Something short, pithy, and fun.

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I have a map for my projects, but I still reach forks in the road. At this level, you get access to polls helping me chart the path: what projects you want to hear more about, what of my ever growing pile of 'next projects' should be developed more. Also includes access to preceeding levels.




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Hi, I'm Pleroma. Chances are fairly good you've found this page through my page, where all my projects currently live.
I tell stories, and I love games.
As it turns out, the intersection of those two natures was a place I was really comfortable in.

  This patreon is meant for fans to support me in the work of telling stories; mostly this is going to mean video games, but there's a non-zero chance that the urge will strike and I'll hammer out a novella for y'all. Or a new blog. Or a supplemental for a tabletop RPG. I intend to play it a bit loose, but whatever comes, I promise it'll be fun.

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Holy cow, rent!
$500 a month wouldn't cover all my expenses, but it give me a great deal of leeway from month to month, allowing me to focus more on my work.
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