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About Matthew R.

Who am I?
Well, first of all, I am a man. A man in his early 20s. Not short, not tall, about 175 cm (which is 5 feet and 9 inches for all the Americans out there) with an athletic build, I would say - I've been a judoka (a person who does judo) for more 12 years now. Judo is a martial art, for those who don't know, that focuses on throwing people instead of punches and kicks. But it's also much more than that, judo is a way of living, it teaches students how to be humble, polite, nice and calm even in the face of panic that fills the world nowadays. And because you fall so much during training, you learn to always get up and try once more.
This, and the mere fact that it gives you the means to defend oneself, has helped me greatly in developing my confidence, which to me is the most important trade a person can have. There is no Mathew without judo. That's why I stayed and started working my afternoons as a coach, which enables me to make some money on the side all while doing what I love.
But I'm not just a funny looking dude in a white kimono, running around and throwing people on the floor. I'm also a student of Biotechnology. If you don't know what this is, don't feel bad, I didn't know as well when I enrolled (sadly, it's true). It's the science of genetically modifying cells to make them produce what you want. It sounds fancy, but it's actually really interesting. The only problem is that people aren't really looking for biotechnologists yet - which can be a bummer for me.
I'm also challenging myself as a writer. I've been working on a fantasy book for about 9 years now, constantly changing it and improving what I have written. The story is forming out to be longer than I thought, so I'm separating it into three or four books, the first of which is really close to finishing.
I've also tried myself at non-fiction writing and it wasn't a complete catastrophe! I published a book on Amazon last year in English, which bare in mind, is not my native language. The book wasn't a groundbreaking success, but it meant a lot to me.
I also work out. At home, without a gym membership, so I had to educate myself. Internet was my main source of information, but I think it's safe to say, that combining this with my coaching knowledge, I know a thing or two about shaping my body now!
I'm also a casual gamer on my PC, a hobby of mine, that I'm trying to cut down on nowadays. I also like to read and am in absolute love with the Harry Potter books. I'm also a romantic person, even though I don't get to show it as much. In my life, I've only had one girlfriend and about a dozen crushes, at least.
As you can see, I'm pretty much a mix of everything, a smoothie of life if you will. I've been called a geek and also a player, a chill dude and a hyperactive maniac, a fat kid, and a toned young man, but I always remained that nice guy, that was ready to help everyone.
What I went through shaped me and now I would like it to help and also shape you. By supporting me on Patreon you're helping my dream of becoming an independent young creator become an awesome reality! Thank you for being with me and in turn allow my stories to be with you!
-Matthew R.