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Lil' Jean Pocket
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Thank you! For just one dollar, you are able to get first dibs at posts that I'll draw before they even go out to Tumblr, Twitter or even Reddit! 

Shirt Pockets
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In this tier, you'll be able to suggest ideas for new art material! As well as a headshot/icon of a character of your choice!

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Front Pockets!
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Thank you for your support! In this tier, you are able to express ideas like the previous tier but the with the great benefit of a flat colored chibi every month of your choice!  

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About Pocket Arts

Hello! My name is Pocket! The reason I made this Patron is that I want to able to improve my art, and give myself a motivation to actually continue doing what I want I can do more frequently. By making this Patreon, I want to be able to support myself and help pay for my bills as well! As well as help plan for future projects! 

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A small push and motivation to do better! To help start paying off bills.
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