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Hold the door! Our entry tier let's you be a Marvel-core OG, one of the first but maybe not the first that comes to mind. Kind of like the inactive Great Lakes Avenger page it's named after.

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Energy blasts huh? Our mid-level tier let's you be a Marvel-core leader, one of the most powerful but maybe not always "right."
Kind of like the amazing X-Man meme page it's named after.

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Want to really support the Core? Our highest-level tier let's you be a Marvel-core legend, the real MVP of this community.
Kind of like the greatest meme page on the internet, you inspire us and will be treated like the psychopathic mercenary/Egyptian deity that you may be.

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About Podcast-core

A bunch of Facebook's Marvel-Core page admins get together to talk about comics, memes, and anything else that comes to mind.
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When we get to 10 patrons we'll invite a 1000+ like Core Admin onto the show and ask them inappropriate personal questions
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