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Hi! Well you probably guessed Poe Litical isn't my real name. I won't lie to you like that guy on CNN with two lasts names. My podcast, Locker Room Talk takes a stab at political correctness while still trying to be informative. Not every bit of content I produce is so serious. I am a huge fan of comedy & might get to some stand up someday. Goings on right now however, I am selling what I'm calling Meme-Shirts. Also remember to head on over to YouTube & hit Like & Subscribe to help Poe get out of the Virtual Gulag! <--- Only if you like my content. Or even just kinda like it go ahead and click. I love you all!!! _Thank you for your consideration.
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Hi guys. My goal is to give back when you give. Whether that be in merch like key-chains & hats, depending on your contribution I will send you something cool that fits the bill. I like using my brain to make money & couldn't do it without you. I am your servant. Thank you. 
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