is creating Animations, Song Covers, and Gaming Streams
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Pledge $1+ to be able to be added to my Discord server with the "Patron" tag. ALSO get access to Patron-Only posts about my progress on anything from art to animation! This includes screenshots of animations I am currently working on!
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Pledge $5+ to get the "Meloetta" tag on the Discord server as well as free MP3 downloads of all of my covers a week before they go live! Get updates on what covers I'm doing next and help me decide for future ones! Also be able to request music while I'm streaming on Twitch!
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Pledge $10+ to get the "Salandit" tag on the Discord server and Patreon-Only WIP posts for my latest Covers, Art, AMVs, and Animations! You even get a document listing my progress on all of those projects. Also get access to any livestreams I may do while working on these projects as well.
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About PokeGirlSky

Hey, I’m PokeGirlSky and I make tons of different content! I love to edit, animate, and sing. So I thought I’d try and mix it all into one place. 
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Computer Upgrades: So I'm able to create content much better than before. Be it Animations, Art, or livestreams.
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