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My Name is Michael Adams a.k.a. "PolarImmersion" or "Polar Bear"

I'm an author with a passion for writing compelling stories, generally grounded in fantasy and science-fiction, for both myself and for my readers. Over the course of my life I've gotten to experience a rich variety of things. I'm an avid gamer, hence the "PolarImmersion," and I've an aptitude for the cold lending to "Polar Bear." Also, I've got a rather unique view on dizziness since I have an issue with vertigo thanks to a medical problem. you'd might be surprised to hear that going on roller coasters makes me feel like I'm on solid ground again! There have been several story ideas that I've had, and I've published one, the series "The Chronicles of Captain Carver," and I'm seeking alternate mediums for creating content. That's where you all come in. Become a part of my Patreon Community and join me as I create web novels for your reading pleasure.

So what are my goals?

Firstly: I'm increasing my viewer count for my content. For that, I'm eventually looking to pay for advertising of a sort, but until then, I'm relying on you for word-of-mouth and to spread via social media.
Secondly: I intend to continue producing my various projects. To support and extend my productions, you may consider becoming a Patron for as little as a dollar a month. Consider that for a moment, for as little as the price of a coffee in the morning, you'll have unlimited access to a growing library of content made by yours truly.
Thirdly: I'm my own editor for the most part at this point, except when I have a beta reader or two helping me keep things connected and flowing. Eventually, I intend to have someone editing for me, increasing my productivity and making chapters even smoother to read.

What are you doing differently?

All of my writing will be available to read! That said, I need something to give to you guys that want to support me, right? So, for now, I intend on releasing chapters on a fairly robust schedule though at least once a week, and I hope to continue and enhance that with proper support. Check back in often, I'll try to release new content as much as possible!

What are your current projects?
Right now, I'm sticking to a single story at a time, though I may modify that in the future. Currently I'm working with "The Reaper's Legion" and will be producing more of that as the main project. It follows a group of survivors in the aftermath of several meteors. These meteors brought with them a hostile alien species that threatens to overrun the earth. With widespread destruction in the wake of the catastrophe, its every city for itself. And, as time goes on, it become clear that these monsters are changing for the worse. But humanity isn't alone in the struggle, and mysterious objects fall from the sky, one resting in the city. Will it be the key to their survival, or another adversary? What are the monsters, and why are they there? Find out and enjoy The Reaper's Legion!

I will also be submitting this story on www.RoyalRoad.com do come stop by and take a look!
$0 of $700 per month
This will allow me to dedicate a great deal of time to writing and editing, leading to an increase in productivity! I'll be able to become a full time author and writer, lending to a much more robust release schedule. Of course, this is just the start. With an increase to my support, I'll be releasing more surprise chapters. Specifically, I'd be looking to drop multiple chapters at once if they're available. This includes special chapters that are from another point of view, even from sources that you didn't even consider!

For now, this will be my only goal set. As we press forward, I'll keep everyone posted!
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