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Hello, I am sure if you are at this page then by now you know that my goal is to spread the message of truth not to benefit you or me but to benefit our kids and grand kids yet to come. I am a person who likes putting the "official word/report/documentation" against itself and let the lies expose themselves. In my research I will always let the facts speak for themselves even if it is not what I was expecting to find as I do all my research in a non-bias manner.
Unfortunately due to Ms HillBilly's medical condition I have reached apart of my life where I never thought I would be again being responsible though out life. But with the cost of medicines and rental of the oxygen machine, plus the cost of feeding all of critter that choose to hang around me I have to cut down on some monthly expenses and the first thing to go in my internet connection. I know I have always said over the many years of being a Truther that the Truth is free and it will still be free even if you can't help out so don't feel obligated to donate to the cause. For those who have followed My Sandy Hook research you know the hours I put into search for truth, So for you all if I/we save my connection I will be reposting ALL my research on ALL truth WITH documentation that can be submitted in a court of law or science that withstand the testing and retesting with repeatable results. THANK YOU for any donations you may make as it all helps. MAY MAN ONE DAY BE  TRULY FREE FROM THE LIES AGAIN.   Thank You, Political HillBilly

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