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About Polyhedron


Welcome to Polyhedron's Patreon page. I assume you are here because you have listened to our podcast and are interesting in become a Patron of the show. Then I greet you again for a second time and look forward to seeing you on the flip side. 

If you have not listened to the show or don't know what the heck you are doing here, then let me explain. Polyhedron is a podcast that discusses the ins and outs of roleplaying games, be they pen & paper tabletop games, live action, and even video games. We aim on this podcast to look at the RPG world a little more closely than most other pop-culture podcasts, while trying to keeping ourselves from becoming too myopic in our analysis of any one game line. In short, we are going to talk about really nerdy stuff and we hope you will join in on the conversation.

Oh, a piece of disclosure to all those who are thinking about becoming a Patron of this Podcast. The money you pledge will not only go to supporting and expanding this Podcast, but it will also support our parent company, Headcanon Games, as we get ready to launch our first Kickstarter. If you are concerned that your money will not go to where it was intended or undermine the goals of this Patreon campaign please note that all rewards and goals will be honored by myself and the rest of the staff of Polyhedron. So don't fret, your money is pulling doubly duty without you having to expend any extra cash.

So, please feel free to look over this page or visit our main website Headcanon Games - Polyhedron

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If we can sustain $50+ for over a month Matthew will run the playtest adventure from Talisman Adventures for Scott and Ryan and release it to our patrons. 
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